External view of Castell Coch

Castell Coch

Fancy a trip to the “beautiful fabled home of a very wealthy man”? Built in the 19th Century, Castle Coch…

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Cardiff Boat sailing through the bay

Cardiff Boat

New to Cardiff and want to explore the city in a unique way? Or do you just want to see…

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Gentleman dressed as a miner outside the Rhondda Heritage Site

Rhondda Heritage Park

The Welsh Mining Experience at Rhondda Heritage Park. Grab a helmet and go underground at the Welsh Mining Experience.  Listen…

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Llandaff Cathedral and cemetary

Llandaff Cathedral

Located in the quaint area of Llandaff, Llandaff Cathedral is one of only 2 cathedrals in Cardiff. Dating back to…

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Cardiff Bay Waterfront image

Cardiff Bay

Redeveloped and opened to the public in 1999, Cardiff Bay is home to some of Cardiff’s most beloved restaurants, bars…

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A shocked girl jumping and staring boy looking at a fire


Discover the fun of science at Cardiff’s beloved science centre, Techniquest. You can discover a range of interactive experiences to…

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Children looking at the Royal Mint Exhibition

Royal Mint

The world’s leading export mint for coins and medals, the Royal Mint is truly a unique experience. Visit the company…

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